The Weekly Videos concentrate on the current state of Risk On & Risk Off assets, the interplay between them and important levels which will signify a market shift in their relationships. I concentrate on what the various asset markets did in the previous week, the situation AS IS, as opposed to what I would like it to be, as given by the ultimate arbiter: price. From that starting point I attempt to formulate and explain what past market action hints for the future week and longer term.

Assets covered are: government bonds, the yield curve, currencies, gold and most developed equity markets.

Weekly Videos are produced and uploaded on Sundays, usually by 10am EST.


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A library of videos previously posted on this site is available below for free (download only, each video is approx. 500MB).  Videos are uploaded with a 1 month delay.

About 45 videos/year, analyzing the current state of the Macro Markets (Equities, Bonds, Currencies & Precious Metals), their spread correlations and their current risk characteristics.

Not what I would wish them to be, but what they actually ARE and what the market is saying happens next. And WHY.

No wishful thinking here. All with trigger points, support and resistance levels and what the breaking of them means for the markets as a whole.


Risk On/Off Models, Counter Trend Models,

Trend Scores for 100s of individual equities, cryptocurrencies and ETFs, to check the composition of your portfolio and compare it to the strongest trending assets and market sectors.







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