• These are the basic futures contracts & ETFs that I trade and comment on via charts, levels and trade structures.



Market – at best price which can be achieved at that moment


Market on Open - at best price achievable at open of trading


Market on Close - at best price achievable at closing of trading


Limit – trade will be executed only at that specified price or not at all


Stop Market – stop out trade will be executed at market if level designated is touched


Stop Limit - stop will be filled only at price indicated or not at all


OCO – one cancels other, if one order filled, other will be cancelled


Day – Order valid only for today, will be cancelled automatically at end of trading day


GTC – good till cancelled, will remain active until filled or cancelled



Full contract specifications of all above contracts and options on futures contracts can be found on sites of relevant exchanges:  for: all contracts traded on CME, CBOT, NYMEX & COMEX  for: all contracts traded on Eurex  for: all contracts traded on ICE & LIFFE  for: all contracts traded on CBOE  for: all contracts traded on Euronext


Please consult them if in any doubt for initial and maintenance margin sizes, nominal contract sizes and option expiry dates.










Futures Contracts Monthly Codes

About 45 videos/year, analyzing the current state of the Macro Markets (Equities, Bonds, Currencies & Precious Metals), their spread correlations and their current risk characteristics.

Not what I would wish them to be, but what they actually ARE and what the market is saying happens next. And WHY.

No wishful thinking here. All with trigger points, support and resistance levels and what the breaking of them means for the markets as a whole.


Risk On/Off Models, Counter Trend Models,

Trend Scores for 100s of individual equities, cryptocurrencies and ETFs, to check the composition of your portfolio and compare it to the strongest trending assets and market sectors.







Access to @charityhedge, with daily market guidance, interesting trades, excellent risk/reward set ups, entries, stops, profit levels, all in real time; together with trade structure explications and the ability to ask questions and generally interact with my trading thought processes.

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