• These are the basic futures contracts & ETFs that I trade and comment on via charts, levels and trade structures.



Market – at best price which can be achieved at that moment


Market on Open - at best price achievable at open of trading


Market on Close - at best price achievable at closing of trading


Limit – trade will be executed only at that specified price or not at all


Stop Market – stop out trade will be executed at market if level designated is touched


Stop Limit - stop will be filled only at price indicated or not at all


OCO – one cancels other, if one order filled, other will be cancelled


Day – Order valid only for today, will be cancelled automatically at end of trading day


GTC – good till cancelled, will remain active until filled or cancelled



Full contract specifications of all above contracts and options on futures contracts can be found on sites of relevant exchanges:  for: all contracts traded on CME, CBOT, NYMEX & COMEX  for: all contracts traded on Eurex  for: all contracts traded on ICE & LIFFE  for: all contracts traded on CBOE  for: all contracts traded on Euronext


Please consult them if in any doubt for initial and maintenance margin sizes, nominal contract sizes and option expiry dates.










Futures Contracts Monthly Codes