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For those who would prefer a more "do-it-yourself" approach and enjoy doing research, I have set up where you can follow several Risk On/Off models and indicators, based purely on intermarket spreads, volatilities and the shape of the bond & volatility curves. These determine the long term primary trend of the markets and help you decide when is a good time to overweigh equities/risk assets and when it would be better to overweigh bonds/riskless assets. The whole approach is described in detail in several videos posted on the site, explaining the various models and how best to interpret them.

You will also be able to play with a large database of global ETFs and Individual Shares and rank them for performance and much more. 

A subscription to includes my Weekly Video which explains my expectations for developments in the markets in the week ahead and a review and explanation of market action for the past week. In my videos I always reference the models on and what they are telling me about the current state of the market, so you have a running weekly commentary of developments and expectations which you should use in conjunction with the models. 

Once subscribed to Riskdials, you will receive an email with the link to the videos every week as soon as it is published.  It can also be found in the Member Blog section under the Weekly Review title.

A subscription to is included for free with a subscription to

IMPORTANT: your Credit Card or PayPal payment will be referenced: CHF or Charityhedge or Charityhedgefund

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