Over my private Twitter feed for subscribers only (@charityhedge) you will see my market reads, trades and discussion of developments as I discuss current investment and trading strategy and opportunities with subscribers.

I NEVER delete any Tweets or in any way doctor the feed.  You can read the entirety of the stream since inception in 2015 by downloading the file below.  I update it quarterly.  Please review it to see if it would be of help to you. You will see the information I provide to help you think about how the various pieces of the market puzzle fit together, the types of instruments I trade and the type of trades I structure and the reasoning behind them.

Please take some time to read it and please do not subscribe without having done so. The contents are exactly what I provide, day in day out.  Please do not expect me to start providing something different, it will not happen.  If you do not find it useful, please do not subscribe as it will be a waste of everyone's time.


1. Download the file below by double clicking on it.  You will see it downloading in the bottom left corner of your browser, it is over 500MB and will take several minutes.

2. Right click on the downloaded file and select "Extract All" from the options.

3. Choose the desired destination folder for the unzipped files and press Start.

4. The unzipping process will take a few minutes, then simply click on "Your Archive" to view every tweet and comment in your browser. I use Chrome and it works very well.

Naturally, all this is best done on a PC. 

The instruments that I trade and comment on are in Glossary.  If you are having difficulties with downloading or viewing the file, you can contact me here.

Updated September 2020


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