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Over my private Twitter feed for  (@charityhedge) you will see my market reads, my trades in real time, discussions of market developments, current strategy and opportunities as they arise.  But most importantly, WHY I think the opportunities are presenting themselves and how assets should react to data and market technicals, if I am correct in my interpretation of events.  Without understanding the WHY, everything is just a coin toss.

​I NEVER delete any tweets or in any way doctor the feed.  In an effort to provide maximum transparency, for many years I posted the entirety of the stream, since inception in 2015, downloaded straight from Twitter itself.  However, that download includes a complete list of all followers and all private DMs, among other private details.  This enabled an unpleasant incident in 2023 when some subscribers were harassed by an unscrupulous non-member online.  There is always a destructive idiot out there.  At subscribers’ request, I have edited the feed so that no names (or handles) of followers or private DMs are visible, just my original tweets.  This, however, eliminates a lot of the conversation, answers and explanations I give, but cannot be helped: privacy is far more important.

I update the file quarterly.  Please review it to see if it would be of help to you.  You will see the type of information I provide daily, how I think of the various pieces of the market puzzle and how I attempt to fit them together, the types of instruments I trade and the type of trades I structure and the reasoning behind them.

​Please make time to read it.  The contents are exactly what I provide, day in day out.  Please do not expect me to start providing something different, it will not happen.  If you do not find it useful, please do not subscribe as it will be a waste of everyone's time.  However, if you want to sample the feed for a short period of time to decide if it’s for you or not; and have the opportunity to chat with long time subscribers (some have been with me for 8 years) and gather their opinions on the service, please drop me an email.

​The stream is organized by year and month and can be downloaded below. It is best read in conjunction with the videos I publish every Sunday to prepare for the week ahead, which can be found on YouTube.  They are an integral part of my approach as they describe what my triggers and logic will be during the week ahead.

How I suggest you examine the file (but it is entirely up to you): 

1. Download periods when the markets were interesting/volatile and/or during which you struggled in your own trading/investing.

2. Examine my tweets from those periods and see if they would have helped you understand what was happening and why. 

3. See if my levels and explanations were instructive and if any trades put on during those periods had interesting structure and good risk/reward characteristics against what subsequently happened.


Since October 2023 I have kept a record of all trades entered into on the timeline in excel form, to facilitate verification of positioning by my subscribers at any time. It gives you a very good flavour of what I trade and when I trade it (mostly after data I consider important) and how my trading changes across instruments with strength of views (option strategies for uncertainty, outrights for strong views).  This file is uploaded with a 1-month delay and can be examined below:

What it shows is fairly typical of my trading: a hit rate of about 70-80% with 1-2 trades per week at most and fairly tight stops, reflecting a desire to achieve at least a 2:1 risk/reward ratio and very little chasing of the market.  I attempt to provide alpha almost exclusively. Very rarely do I talk about beta and asset allocation and I never count it as a "trade" or record it in the trade sheet.

Again, if you would like to experience the stream for yourselves and see what other members think of the service, drop me an email and I will see what I can do for you.

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