I was a professional bond trader from 1983 till 1993, running the largest bond book in the world. Then a hedge fund principal for 8 years and since 2001 I have been running my private family office. I bring to the party nearly 40 years of market experience.

Trading and investing are mainly about avoiding pitfalls. That emotional trade, because you are “missing out”. And discipline. And trade structure.  And somewhere along the line: sheer gut feeling, which comes from decades of experience.

A podcast interview I recorded in October 2020 on The Market Huddle, reviewing my career and explaining my overall philosophy, is available here:  youtu.be/c2hAd8ZV3xo

I periodically write articles on Substack explaining my investment and trading philosophies and macro reasoning. 

On my private Twitter feed for my subscribers I post my market views, the logic behind trades and levels, my orders and stops, before and after they are filled, together with my thoughts and commentary on developments in the markets. Understanding what is happening and, more importantly, WHY it is happening, enables you to structure better trades and avoid many pitfalls. This is NOT a signal service. You will NOT get any trading signals. It is a place where macro market views are formulated with meticulous reasoning and where I search for excellent risk/reward propositions. As such I am mostly followed by hedge fund managers, CTAs, asset allocators, active traders and market professionals who want to have a sounding board for their own views and a seasoned professional in their corner.


Quarterly I upload and update the entirety of the Twitter feed I offered to my subscribers here. Please download it and examine it, to see if it would be of help to you to have such information. 

Proceeds from these activities go towards running my animal shelter in New Providence, Bahamas.

Most questions about the process are answered on the FAQs page and you are always welcome to email me at webmaster@charityhedgefund.com with additional questions.