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I was a professional bond trader from 1983 till 1993, running the largest bond book in the world.  Then a hedge fund manager of my own funds and finally a professional investor since 2001.

Trading and investing are mainly about avoiding pitfalls. That emotional trade, because you are “missing out”. And discipline. And trade structure.  And somewhere along the line: sheer gut feeling.

If you want to see how a professional navigates the markets day-to-day, when he trades and why he trades, you have a unique opportunity to follow my Trading Account and my Investment Account.

On the relevant Twitter feed I post my orders and stops, before and after they are filled. After every position change, I post the current new positions and P/L in real time.  Every day after the close I post the positions and P/L once more, for the avoidance of any doubt. You can see examples of the posts here.

Every morning I will upload the broker statements for the previous day. I will also post the exact monthly performance starting 1st January 2020, based on the account statements, which are available to everyone to see/download.

The accounts are funded with $250,000 (Trading) & $1,000,000 (Investment), so it should be very easy for anyone to adjust quantities to their own account size using simple division or multiplication.

Most questions about the process are answered on the FAQs page and you are always welcome to email me at webmaster@charityhedgefund.com with additional questions.

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