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Over the private Twitter feeds of the Trading (@charityhedge) and Investment accounts (@chfinvest), you will see my market reads as they develop and I discuss current and future strategy with you...

I NEVER delete any Tweets or in any way doctor the feed.  Every trade is posted as a screenshot from Interactive Brokers, when entered and before it is executed. Every time the positions change, a screenshot of the Open Positions and P/L in the relevant account is posted.  Anyone familiar with the Interactive Brokers platform will recognise them immediately.

All the tweets from both feeds are posted on the Broker Statements page quarterly (start end Q1-2020). This is a far more effective way than doing free trials. You can download them and look at them at your leisure.  


Investment A/C

All the positions, P/L and returns will appear live in the top portion of the relevant account screen and all the orders, filled and unfilled will appear in the bottom part.  I will screenshot several times per day and in any case whenever a new order is entered, so you can be sure that you are always aligned position and order wise.  In any case, you will always be able to download the broker statements for the previous day too, as a double check.

Screenshots of latest positions and Performance are tweeted several times per day and look like below, so everyone can familiarize themselves with the process.  

Whenever orders are added, they are tweeted before and after execution, so there can be no ambiguity.

Finally, charts, levels of importance, trade explanations and videos are tweeted regularly to keep you abreast of the how and why.

And I also answer your queries/ideas via DM, so you can be absolutely sure you understand my logic and you can decide if the trades match with your strategy and opinions.  If you would like to subscribe, you can do so HERE